Providing a Network Community

At LouChat, we enhance the effectiveness of our therapy to help you evolve. By creating a network community, users willingly opt to be part of a larger community that promotes their values and interests.

Belonging to the LouChat Community Network has a lot of advantages to users:

  • Some participants felt more comfortable talking about depression to strangers online than to their friends and family. They attributed the safe, non-judgmental nature to the fact that other users had personal experience of depression.
  • Participants felt supported from being in contact with the group, even without any actual physical communication. Most LouChat users appreciate being able to access the group immediately and at any time, and some contrasted this with their experience of waiting a considerable time for therapy.
  • Our LouChat groups give members the privacy to seek support and information about behavior that might be perceived as a stigma and thereby become a barrier to seeking counseling and/or information.