Providing Emotional Therapy

LouChat provides its clients with top quality Emotional Therapy which serves as a boost.

Louchat is a top class Cameroon-based institution that seeks to fight against depression in Cameroon. Our approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right amount of Emotional Therapy per customer.

Through our Listening Therapy System, we help you improve on your psychological dispensation. This is the system whereby we communicate with you, listening to your problems without any form of judgement, in order to know more about you.

We do this in three ways to create a continuous enhancement and performance development loop:

  • We diagnose and assess the underlying problems affecting you,
  • We provide practical solutions that can help you recover and move on,
  • We reinforce bonding  with you, and ensure proper follow up,
  • We provide supplementary information about depression that could benefit you and your circle.


Flexible Approach 

Our Listening Therapy Stem provides a versatile approach with each part, Listen, Understand, Help, being implemented separately or together for a complete solution. Even though we have numerous clients, we make sure that each therapy is designed to suit your schedule and needs.

For more information, please contact us today and begin your journey to happiness!