01 Oct 2019

LouChat launches “LouchatSmile” in an effort to boost Suicide Prevention Awareness

LouchatSmile, a Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign, has been launched by LouChat with regards to the October 10th World Mental Health Day. The World Health Organization affirms that every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide. This can be linked to the effects of depression, which is very much common among Cameroonian youths.

The “LouchatSmile” campaign seeks to present a more lighthearted approach to letting people understand the issue of suicide, as well as enable them seek help. People will be encouraged to take smiling pictures of themselves, attach a message on the need to seek help when depressed, and add the #LouchatSmile hashtag.

It should be recalled that earlier this year, LouChat published an audio-book “Overcoming Depression” that was aimed at helping Cameroonians understand, manage and prevent depression.

A smile can be faked, but real happiness begins with a LouChat smile.

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