13 Apr 2019

Happy Online, Sad Offline – LouChat audio book (Chapter 7)


Chapter 7 (Happy Online, Sad Offline) of the LouChat audio book “Overcoming Depression” has been released for free download. This chapter focuses on why we pretend to be happy on Social Media, and also reveals how we deceive others about the realities of our lives, and how our deceptive actions push us towards depression.

This audio-book project by LouChat is aimed at providing a Cameroonian understanding of depression. Written and narrated by Ngwane Hansel, this audio-book consists of 8 different chapters. Chapter 7 is the last free chapter to be released for free after Chapter 1, and the complete audio book will go on sale on an announced date.

Worthy of note is that the “Overcoming Depression” audio-book is expected to help Cameroonians understand issues relating to depression, its causes, manifestations and how they can seek help.

We hope you love the 7th chapter while waiting to buy the complete audio-book!

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