05 Jan 2020

Five biggest lies about Happiness

Happiness is a term that has been loosely used to describe an idea of “success”. In our society, happiness has always been measured by the amount of material acquisition a person has.

Others, however, have decided to quantify happiness from a purely emotional level. This has created many myths surrounding “Happiness”, which has led most people into believing wrong notions about the topic. Today, we are going to discuss on the five biggest lies concerning Happiness, in an attempt to clarify these myths.


1 – Money isn’t Happiness.

This is one of the biggest lies when it comes to understanding happiness. Although the phrase in itself looks ambiguous, it can be broken down into two parts; Money and Happiness. You have probably heard this saying “Money is what money does”. Money in itself doesn’t provide happiness. No. What money does, is provide avenues where happiness can emerge and thrive.

65% of LouChat users attest that their depression-related worries stem from lack of financial backing. According to them, if they had a standard level of financial dependency, they wouldn’t have to go through the numerous hurdles they are currently facing. You might say that money comes with problems, but did you know that too much air could kill you? It’s all about understanding the role money plays in your life, and making sure you do not become a slave to it.


2 – You don’t need people to be happy.

This is a very complex assertion, because it concerns people who have been “burnt” and have become very emotionally sensitive. We need to understand the role of people in our lives. Some are there to help (family), some are there to teach (the elderly) and some are there to hurt (hey, I’m not talking about your ex lol).  It is in our place to know who we hang out with, while protecting our own happiness.

Granted, some people are good at deception, and before you know it, they leave you stranded and helpless. That is ok. Pick the lesson, not the pain. Trust me, in as much as you want to be left alone, you cannot grow alone. Withdrawing from society is a major warning sign for depression, and you might find yourself surrounded with sad thoughts for the rest of your life.

Try this activity today. Write a list of your top five friends. Now ask yourself, how many of these friends can you actually introduce to your parents? Remember, this activity isn’t meant to judge your friends, but to understand that not all of them can fit into a single frame. There are friends we have for business, others for drinking, and others for “business”. (wink lol). You need to be cautious with people, not resent them.


3 – Being unhappy is OK.  

Nowadays, everything is OK (even being broke lol). We live in a society where people have endured so much pain, it has now become OK to be unhappy. Our only panacea has become endless quotes on how we cannot avoid misery, and how all we need to do is “go with the flow”. We have given up hope, and have descended into the abyss of despair.

As humans, it is OK to be subjected to feelings of sadness, but it is NOT OK to allow yourself swim in a lake of pity for the rest of your life. Some people love to play the victim, probably because they love the amount of attention they receive from sympathizers. Their sadness has become their new “happiness”, as they are happy being sad. (confusing, right?). Understand what makes you sad, work on it, get help and stay happy.


4 – Everyone is sad.

There are some people who believe there is no happiness. They believe that beneath the smiles, behind the happy pictures on social media, people are actually sad and unhappy. News flash! Some people are actually very happy! They have an inner happiness that is so strong, it makes them glow. These people are happy because they have gone through unimaginable situations and have overcome them.

Some of us see a picture of a happy couple, and we think to ourselves “I am sure they are just pretending”. Then we go ahead and comment under the picture “I am so happy for you”. Now who’s pretending? In as much as you secretly want people to be sad, there are people who are basking in serene happiness. You can either hope they become sad, or find your own happiness.


5 – You are in control of everything.

This is one of the lies that render people unhappy. Most people believe in order to be happy, you must be in control of everything. When they realize they are just papers blowing in a hurricane, they call happiness a “scam”. We all love to be in control, but we should understand the limits to our control. Find what you can control, and make sure you are happy with how you control it. Those who have sought to control everything and everyone have been broken by constant sadness.

The only thing we can control, is how we react to things we cannot control.



Understanding the notion of happiness will save us from constant sadness that can lead to depression. We all crave to be happy and true happiness comes from a proper comprehension of one’s self, one’s surrounding and the correlation between both entities. At LouChat, we provide you with avenues to understand, manage and prevent depression, with the ultimate aim of increasing your potentials.

As this New Year begins, we hope your search for happiness will help you evolve, and we are always available to assist you in your quest. Be happy!



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