26 Nov 2019

Depression is Real (Song on Depression)


In a time where depression is on the rise in Cameroon, there is dire need for uplifting content to combat this phenomenon. Louchat sat down with the artist, and this is what he had to say:

“I am called MUKOM NGUH IBRAHIM and my Artist name GIFTED. This song represents the cry of the depressed. In a society where most often such are not taken into consideration because of the incapacity to comprehend on their case, such a song will be a reminder on how will should stick around and act right so as to pull them out off the dark corner.

I wrote this song out of the stress I went through as a youth in a polygamous home. It wasn’t easy at all. Friends really didn’t care. Am so grateful our school had back those days “Counselors”. I had this man ” Mr Prosper”, who talked me up and encouraged me to stay strong. Immediately I got the opportunity to voice this out musically, I didn’t hesitate”.

Worthy of note is that the song is mixed and mastered by the Producer Edi-Pro.

GIFTED stated that “Edi was so kind to grant me a complete working session for bills to be settled bit by bit. How I wish I could do a video clip of this song as demanded by many who loved the song but lacked the finance to sponsor that. Will be grateful to any support to help us realize such a project to the world can be sensitized on how much its important to stand by the Depressed thus seeing them to a strong and better state”.

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