31 Jan 2019

Depression in Cameroon – Smiling through tears

Smiling through tears – Depression in Cameroon.

Depression in Cameroon is gradually becoming a call for concern, mainly because more people are beginning to understand its effects.

Ten years ago, if you had spoken about being depressed, your friends would have simply laughed and thought you were just stressed. 10 years ago, social media was still at its infancy, so speaking out and getting immediate help would have caused more depression.

Over 30% of the population suffer from depression in Cameroon, and the majority are the youths. These youths undergo mental and physical pain on a daily basis, but are forced to wear a smile in order to mask the hard reality.

This reveals the truth about depression in Cameroon, and how people perceive the phenomenon. If people need to wear “smile masks” to hide their pain, that simply means we have not evolved to a level where we can accommodate the pain of others.

Granted, some people have a tendency to keep everything within, whether they are presented with solutions or not. Nonetheless, we should not only reach out to those who present signs of depression, but attempt to fish out those who by their constant, forceful attempts to hide, bury their tears within.

Laughter may be the best medicine, but no medicine can cure pain hidden by laughter. Seek Help.

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